Business & Corporate Law

London & London represents a broad range of businesses, from start-up companies, national franchisors, local retailers, service providers and health care professionals, to well-established regional manufacturers.

London & London counsels business clients in the selection of appropriate forms of legal entities for transacting business and structuring their operations. The firm offers legal services on a regular basis to support the day-to-day operations of small to mid-size business clients. These services include the drafting and review of manufacturer supply contracts, purchase agreements, and customer credit arrangements. Its attorneys have also represented corporations (both private and publicly traded), limited liability companies, and general and limited partnerships in a variety of transactions ranging from simple to the complex, including:

  • Asset sales
  • Stock transfers
  • Recapitalizations
  • Succession Planning (including buy-sell agreements)
  • Negotiation of employment agreements
  • Commercial finance transactions

The firm is committed to offering its business clients, irrespective of their size, the advice of well-trained and experienced legal professionals.

London & London is a member of the Newington and Berlin Chambers of Commerce, as well as the Connecticut Business and Industry Association. The firm tracks legislative and regulatory developments that impact its business clients and, if requested regularly, advises its clients of changes in the law that may affect their operations.

Real Estate / Finance

London & London's attorneys represent both individuals and businesses in the purchase and sale of real estate. Whether a business client is relocating its headquarters, or a family is purchasing their first home, London & London counsels real estate clients on a broad array of legal issues, including the structure of the transaction, the terms of the purchase and sale agreement and other closing documents, title insurance requirements, mortgage contingencies, environmental pitfalls, and local land-use, zoning, and building regulations. The firm works closely with lenders and opposing counsel to ensure that financing requirements and other conditions are satisfied prior to closing.

In addition to the foreclosure of condominium liens, the firm represents a number of municipalities in the State of Connecticut in the foreclosure of taxes and other municipal liens. London & London has prosecuted tax appeals and eminent domain cases.

London & London is member of the Real Estate section of the Connecticut Bar Association and has a leadership role in the Community Association Institute.

Wills & Probate

The attorneys in London & London's Wills & Probate / Elder Law practice group prepare wills and basic trusts for clients and guide clients through the legal complexities of the estate planning and estate administration processes. The firm counsels clients on the advantages of developing a cohesive estate plan that preserves assets, provides for their orderly transfer and facilitates estate administration. Each client's estate planning goals are evaluated within the framework of his or her financial and family circumstances.

For many small business clients, corporate organization issues often tie into the client's overall estate planning needs (e.g. buy-sell agreements). Accordingly, the firm is frequently able to integrate business clients' corporate organization plans with their estate planning needs, often at considerable cost-savings to clients. Where integration is not an option, the firm analyzes a client's business succession and estate planning goals to ensure, at a minimum, that the two do not conflict. While a simple will may be adequate for many clients, it may not be the most tax efficient method of transferring assets in all cases. For those clients whose assets exceed $1,000,000.00, the firm works closely with a number of regional firms with additional expertise in addressing the tax and legal ramifications of transferring assets from larger estates.